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Who is Haley and What Does She Know?

I’m Haley. I’m 26, work as an environmental engineer, and live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I have a B.S. in Natural Resources Management and Conservation Science and a STEM M.B.A. from Texas Tech University. Wreck ’em! I have a serious love affair with The Office and true crime, I am a professional enjoyer of ALL food, 90s country makes my world go ‘round, and I’m a devoted mother to two lovely boys…Tarzan & Terk…ok, ok yes, they’re cats. I’m reasonably outspoken, independent, and motivated to make the most out of this wild life we’ve all been blessed with. I have a natural tendency to be a “glass half full” kind of person with a very realistic twist. I think we can all recognize that life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows – sometimes it’s thunderstorms and slugs, but the rain dries and the slugs go back to wherever they came from.

Perhaps much like you, I graduated, finally found a job (the most painful 3 post-grad months of my life), and was thrown into “adult land” without a friggin’ clue about what I was doing or supposed to be doing or not supposed to be doing or trying to do. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where my copy of the “How to Be a Grown Up Guide” ended up, but I don’t have one…and I imagine y’alls probably got lost in the mail somewhere too. Since all of us 20-somethings are out here trying to figure this grown up thing out I thought I’d share some of my experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) so maybe we can try and figure this thing out together.

 I will be referring to this as an “anti-blog” because unlike most bloggers, I know absolutely nothing about fashion, make-up, and cooking, I have no earthly idea how people manage to travel the world on $5 a day, I’m by no means a fitness and nutrition guru (hello Flamin’ Hot Cheetos), and I have not and probably will never master posing for and editing the perfect blog-worthy photo.

So why should you care about anything I have to say? Well maybe you don’t and that’s cool, but I like to think of myself as, you know, a regular person doing regular things, like working an 8-5 job, starting a career, trying to fit in workouts, find time to cook dinner and not live on frozen meals, keep a social life, pay my bills, save money, go on vacations while paying bills and saving money, and making friends in the real world. I’m by no means offering advice because I’m no expert, but I find that us young adults face many of the same and very similar challenges in varying forms. So, this is where I’ll document my ‘grown up’ successes and face plants as we try and tackle (and ultimately, friggin’ rock) adulting. I hope you find me occasionally helpful, mostly entertaining, and, inevitably, idiotic.

Watch, laugh, and cringe as Haley meets world!

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” – Amelia Earhart

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