Meet Terk

This is Terk. My baby boy. He’s got the cutest little half ‘stache and he’s polydactyl, which means he’s got six toes on his front paws (and they are the cutest things EVER). Seriously ever. I adopted him in June 2018 very unexpectedly. I had just moved into a new apartment, was still very new at my job and a kitten was seemingly the last thing I needed, but you know that saying ‘God laughs when we make plans’? Yeah that’s true.

Terk’s name came from the Tarzan theme. For those of you not familiar with the Disney animated version of Tarzan – he’s got a little baby gorilla friend named Terk. Which turned out to be extremely fitting because Tarzan and Terk are the best of friends (seriously, you won’t find cuter brothers) and because of his extra toes he walks with his front feet turned out with his “thumbs” very visible, so he looks like he has little monkey paws.

Terk is my wild child. He’s got more energy than he knows what to do with and certainly more than I know what to do with. He’s into everything ALL the time. But he’s absolutely the sweetest cat I’ve ever known. Even many of my ‘cat hating’ friends have been converted – if not into cat lovers, at least into Terk lovers. I’m convinced he’s more dog than cat. He greets me at the door after work everyday, follows me around the apartment, and wants attention from anyone and everyone. He demands it. He’s my impulsive, act-now-learn-later son. He decides to try something and see what happens. For example, the baby gate at my parents’ house (mentioned in Tarzan’s bio) was no match for Terk. He figured out he could jump it immediately. On the contrary, I was cooking one night and he licked a jalapeno. Yep. Licked it. Terk learns some of his lessons the hard way.

I hope you enjoy watching Terk’s adventures!

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