On Wednesday’s We…

This is the most Mondayest Wednesday that’s ever existed in Haley’s world. I get to work at 7:00 every morning which means my alarm goes off at 5:15 and I snooze until 5:30 (or 5:40 or 5:50 or 6:00 depending on the day). This morning I did my usual 5:15 a.m. snooze. Except I didn’t. In my deeper-than-usual sleep I turned my alarm off. Yep. I woke up to sweet Terk snuggling and casually checked my watch thinking I’d woken up before my 5:30 alarm. Yeah no. It was 7:15. I had to pick up an auditor for a half day meeting at 8:00.

Let me tell you, this body hasn’t moved at that speed in a long time. I, of course, jumped out of bed in a panic, sending poor Terk flying. I brushed my teeth at lightning speed (definitely didn’t get my full two minutes in), got dressed, brushed my hair, and was out the door in six minutes. SIX MINUTES. That’s pretty impressive, right?

My drive to work was chaotic and my walk into the building was much speedier than usual (seriously my shins are sore. Wtf), but guess what? Yeah I was sitting at my desk at 7:45. 7:45!! Though, I was proud of my efficiency (positive spin, right?) the chaos of my morning was apparent. I was hot and sweaty because, naturally, it’s 75 degrees and raining here today. I had just enough time to throw on some pressed powder, nude lipstick, and throw my hair in a low pony, and my slacks are about a size and a half too big and I am sans belt. BUT I made it on time for my half day meeting and even had a few minutes to make coffee.

If this morning doesn’t sum up adulthood I really don’t know what does. Surely I’m not alone in having “days like these”.

Me wondering how I manage to get myself into these situations

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