So I have to admit that when I first started seeing the TV commercials for Ebates I definitely thought it was a scam. Phony bologna. Until my sister came to visit and she was giving me a quick “How to Adult 101” tutorial. She was showing me all sorts of money saving tips and tricks. Ebates was one of them and I have been blown away by it. Ebates is a service that gives you additional cash back on purchases at thousands of stores. The cash back ranges from 1% to 10% typically, but I’ve seen some higher than that. It will also show you any coupon codes associated with the site you’re visiting. All of your cash back gets added up and you receive a check in the mail every quarter.

You can download the app or go to Ebates.com from your computer to creat an account. If you don’t have an account and want one let me know because we’ll both get an automatic $10 (I think) with your first purchase. If you visit from your computer you can add the Ebates icon to your browser which will allow Ebates to show you all cash back and coupons for any website you visit. I love this feature! Ebates is incredibly handy and easy to use, both in-app and online.

I just got my second Ebates check in the mail. My first one was for $90 and my second was for $12 (I’ve reeled in my online shopping habit a bit in the last few months), and I’ve only been using Ebates for about 7-8 months. This may not seem like much but that’s $100 back that otherwise would have been spent (probably on things I didn’t need).

All in all, I think it’s an awesome way to get some added discounts and totally worth checking out! I’ve seen Lululemon with 10% cash back (think: 10% off your purchase), Athleta with 8-12%, Nike with 6-10%, and many, many more. Typically, cash back will fall somewhere between 1-3% but they can change daily so keep an eye out.

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