It’s a Monday, You Know

Today started out pretty awesome for a Monday. Or really any day for that matter. I woke up feeling well rested for my 5:30 alarm. The last time that happened was…never. Yeah never in my life have I felt anything but sad and tired at that time of morning, but there’s a first for everything. I even did my hair AND make-up this morning. That really doesn’t happen. I’m usually scrambling around with just enough time to do one of those things (and usually not well).

Work was work. It wasn’t an exceptionally exciting day but it certainly could’ve been worse. Whatever energy I had in the morning was was completely gone and the ‘afternoon slump’ hit me at about 1:00. Instead of getting another cup of coffee like a normal human being would have done I decided I needed a bag of cookies (because I’m still 5 years old?). So I walked on down to the snack bar and got myself a bag of Grandma’s cookies. I don’t even know what they’re actually called but you know those small cookie sandwiches with the vanilla cream that come in the blue and white bag? You know, the really mediocre ones that really aren’t great but I would still never turn down? Yeah those ones. So that was my “light” afternoon pick me up. Don’t worry they’re only 530 calories per bag (ugh).

I left work and for whatever reason was just grumpy and ‘blah’. Everything was irritating me. Every driver was an idiot. No one knew how to park. It was raining. It was cold. I was just being a cranky ass. I ran some errands and then decided to treat myself a little bit. I knew I wasn’t working out anyway and I’d already eaten those crappy cookies so all bets were off. I got half a pizza, garlic knots, and a s’mores cookie for dinner. And I ate every. Single. Bite. Yeah let me tell you, this summer bod is really coming along great over here. But let me tell you something else, as soon as I decided to get that pizza and enjoy myself I was immediately in a better mood. Sometimes it really is just the small things.

I unashamedly ate my pizza and watched the season finale of Floribama Shore (go ahead feel free to judge) and then went over to my friend’s house for our weekly Bachelor Monday girls’ night. And it was great. My mood completely turned around. We giggled and judged and did face masks (because is it really girls’ night if you don’t?). Just what the doctor ordered on a cold, rainy Monday night.

Some days it really is just the small things that can make or break your mood. Some days the only vegetable I eat is the spinach on my pizza. Some days I come home with good intentions to workout and end up watching trash TV on my couch instead. Some days all it takes is a solid episode of The Bachelor and good company. And other days you’re just in a foul mood no matter what you do and that’s fine too (but only sometimes because no one wants to deal with your cranky ass all the time. Trust me, my mother is the first to tell me this). Surely I’m not the only one who gets a case of the Monday’s from time to time. Here’s to a good rest of the week everyone!

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