Battle Scars

When I adopted Tarzan he weighed all of 1 pound and was seemingly the sweetest baby that has ever existed. And then I got him home. That boy is about as mean as they come. I’ve had vets be completely terrified of him, my mom (queen of the crazy cat ladies) won’t pick him up, and most of my friends avoid him at all costs. Thankfully, he’s always been much sweeter to me. He cuddles and purrs and let’s me love him…on his terms. If he were a man he’d be out the door in 2 seconds. But thankfully he isn’t. He’s a cat. And my bad baby boy. And I love him dearly. Buuuut this story isn’t about Tarzan. It’s about Terk who is actually, in fact, the sweetest baby that has ever existed. Which is why this story is so shocking.

I was at home one night several weeks ago and went to pick up Terk right at the exact moment a certain something scared the you-know-what out of him. Complete terror. I’ve never seen Terk so upset. We’re talking full body fluffed out, arched back, growling, hissing, and inevitably, him trying to escape my arms to go hide as quickly as possible. Apparently the quickest way to safety was up my face and then down onto the floor. Y’all…it was like he was running in place on my face with his sword-like claws. Once he jumped down I grabbed my face and pulled away a handful of blood. Blood was pouring down my face and onto the floor. Like something from a freakin’ horror film. I really channeled my inner zen because I hate blood. I grabbed paper towels and proceeded to bleed through them. I finally worked up the courage to go look in a mirror and my immediate thought was ‘holy sh*t will this scar?!’ (because, of course, my vanity was my first concern) and my second was, ‘oh my gosh what if I need stitches?’. There were six scratches on my left cheek and temple, one semi-deep one in my widow’s peak, several on my neck, and one long, extra bloody one on my wrist. Thankfully, once the bleeding stopped I realized they were not deep enough for stitches or scarring (hopefully).

I have to admit, I was mildly frightened by Terk for the next day or two (also a little pissed) but we became friends again and my scratches began healing very quickly – though I still have two little dark spots on my cheek from a couple of the scratches. I’m holding out hope that these will disappear over time. If not, well I’ll have a little reminder to leave Terk the heck alone when he’s scared.

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