Move It, Move It

Adult Land has been BUSY the last few weeks y’all. I was in Austin for work a couple weeks ago (see my Memory Lane and the House That Built Me post), I was in Washington D.C. the entire following week for work, I got back from my trip Friday afternoon, and then moved Saturday morning. And the rest of Saturday. And all of Sunday. And now I’m taking a breather after work and sitting on my couch eating hot wings. Balance, you know.

My initial plan for moving was to not pack anything, get a large hand truck, and move everything over to my new place (which is in walking distance from my old place) room by room. Quick and easy. Great plan. Except it wasn’t. The hand truck I ordered and requested to pick up from Walmart was delayed and not available until after my scheduled move (which showed as available for pickup on the day I needed it when it was ordered, by the way), so I was stuck with the two dollies my mom and stepdad have. Which are really only super useful if your belongings are packed in boxes… so my stepdad got creative and showed up with a convertible dolly/hand truck with a fold-up table on top of it so the bottom was solid. Better than nothing (insert shrugging shoulders emoji here).

It’s kind of a joke in my family, well not a joke because it’s very much true, but every move is a total cluster-you-know-what. I’m incredibly thankful my mom and stepdad gave up their entire weekend to help me, but this move was no different than the others. It’s pretty much constant bickering, laughing, more bickering, and inevitably a casualty of some sort. My stepdad decided we were going to move my king-sized bed frame in tact to avoid having to take it apart and put it back together. Fine. Until we tried to take it up my stairs. After relentless insisting that it was not going to fit up the stairs from me and confident reassurance that it would from my stepdad, one of us was finally proved right. Unfortunately, it was me. Snap. My relatively new wooden bed frame snapped in half on one side. Which I thought would, in turn, result in me snapping. Thankfully, the supports of the frame are sturdy enough to allow the frame to still be functional so we were able to get my bed setup without any further setbacks.

All of this to say, even though life has been a bit crazy and hectic the last several weeks and moving in the middle of it really wasn’t the best timing (but let’s be honest, moving always sucks no matter the conditions) I was so obviously reminded of how blessed I am to have genuine, selfless people in my life. Not only did my parents give up their entire weekend to help but one of my best friends spent a huge chunk of her weekend helping me too – which already says a lot because moving is the worst but she was also subject to my family’s nonsense and bickering for hours. Several of my guy friends agreed to move my couch even after I told them it would have to be carried down three flights of stairs just to be carried back up three more flights of stairs. Further, I was out the night before celebrating my friend’s birthday with a group of people – all of which are awesome girls and none of which have I known for very long – and every single one of them offered to help me. Maybe I just irrationally hate moving, but I was blown away by how kind their offers were (even if they were praying that I wouldn’t take them up on it). Sometimes it really is the little things and small gestures that make a difference, make someone smile, solidify a friendship, or bring you back down to appreciate the things and people around you.

Although my friends and family are amazing, I learned one very important adult lesson: PAY FOR MOVERS NEXT TIME. It will be worth it. Second adult hack I learned: hire maids to do your move-out clean if you can swing it and want to be totally lazy like me. I did this and cannot put into words how thankful I was to not have to deep clean my old place after traveling for work and moving to the new place.

Terk and Tarzan really overexerted themselves helping with the move

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