Wrecked ‘Em at the Holiday Inn

So just in case you live under a rock and are completely out of touch with the rest of the world, let me fill you in – Texas Tech University (otherwise known in elite circles as the best university to have ever existed) played in the NCAA National Championship last night. Which is helloooo FREAKIN’ AMAZING, but assuming you do not live under a rock, you probably know how it turned out. Didn’t win the game but still the best university to have ever existed.

As someone who really does not give a lick about basketball (sorry, I’m a football girl) I have to say, watching the Red Raiders advance to the national championship was about so much more than basketball. In a world where the news, social media, and pop culture are largely negative it has been incredible to see a team come together and fight so hard to accomplish a unified goal. It has been incredible to see the support and unification of Texas Tech students, alumni, fans, and the small but loud Lubbock community. The semi-finals were Saturday, the championship game was Monday night, and people got in their cars and drove horrendous distances Sunday to be there to support our team. How freakin’ cool is that? And it has been incredible to see other Texas schools and rivals express their support. Sure it was a stinky, disappointing loss but holy cow people, the positivity and support for each other was amazing! With the exception of people rioting and burning things in the street in Lubbock – if someone has some solid logic behind this behavior I would love to hear it because in no part of my brain does it make any sense or am I impressed by it. Buuut back on track – congrats to the Red Raiders for an amazing run this season and, wow, thankful for the whirlwind of positivity that took over social media and news outlets in recent weeks. We need more of that in this crazy world.

I’m in Chicago for work this week. Well… I’m in Chicago-ish. I’m about 40 minutes from downtown near Midway airport and if you know anything about Chicago you probably know that there is NOTHING around Midway. So my options were limited last night in choosing where to watch the game. They included, the one TV in my hotel’s bar area, the sports bar in the Holiday Inn next door, or TGI Friday’s. All factors considered, I chose to walk next door and sit at the sports bar in the Holiday Inn. Not my first choice, but you know, gotta work with what you got. I was one of two Texas Tech fans in there. I spent hours sitting at the bar drinking water because I’m on this stinky, strict diet right now. Yeah you read that right, NO ALCOHOL. Big thumbs down from me. Anyway, I’m sitting there unobnoxiously clapping for my team and a guy looks across the bar, and in an attempt to flex in front of his friend (by harassing a young woman, yes), he says (with much attitude might I add), “Oh you jumped on the Texas Tech bandwagon too?” To which I replied with a chuckle and, “I don’t know what bandwagon you’re talking about, I’ve got two degrees from Texas Tech University, bud.” A few seconds of silence followed and then a light-hearted, “Oh wow so you really want them to win then,” in a ‘I’m going to try and play off my last comment as a joke’ tone. Back down son.

To close out my strange evening in the Holiday Inn bar, two pilots came and sat down next to me. My stress level was through the roof and I was trying to participate in their small talk as best I could but I was far too distracted… except for when they asked if I was a Lubbock-based flight attendant…interesting. A couple minutes in, one of them offered to buy me a drink…oh but I’m not drinking remember? Wrong. I took him up on that offer immediately and downed a shot of Tito’s. Did I mention this transpired in the last two-ish minutes of the game right before we tied it up for overtime? A shot was in order people.

Anyway, I’m glad I was able to cheer on and represent Texas Tech from a small bar somewhere outside of Chicago. Thankful for these strange and funny experiences that occur as I make my way through Adult Land and even more thankful for the Red Raiders and the positivity that surrounded their journey to the national championship.

If you watched the game somewhere exciting or if you too had a quirky experience while cheering them on let me know below!

Got to throw my guns up at the top of Willis Tower in downtown Chicago

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