Eating My Words. Pun Intended.

Alright y’all, one of the stinky parts about being a grown up is that we have to admit when we’re wrong and take accountability for our actions (which totally sucks but guess what? Yeah we’re grown ups now). That being said, I have to eat my words. I have been a long time judger of those extra fit, admirable, dedicated people that keep a food log, meal prep, and count their macros (macros being protein, carbs, fat). Let’s be honest, we judge because we’re a little jealous, right? Why can’t you get a six pack eating Hot Cheetos and cupcakes? Well… for the last two weeks I have been one of those people. And don’t worry I am totally judging myself and I think it is the biggest pain the butt and requires so much planning and preparing and it is driving me a little bit crazy. BUT I am seeing serious results and it rocks.

A little back story here – everyone knows about the ‘Freshman 15’ when they first go off to college but no one ever talks about the ‘Grad School 30’ which is a totally real thing I promise!! That said, I’ve been working on losing this Grad School 30 for about a year and a half now… but actually really trying and putting in effort for about seven months (with some periods of touch and go mixed in). I’ve always enjoyed working out and been pretty good about keeping a routine (except for in grad school…hence the current situation). My problem has always been food… because I love to eat all the yummy, delicious foods that are not good for me.

Anyway, back to the present. I started counting macros because one of my good friends suckered me into signing up for a 30-day challenge with her. Totally against my will but now I’m SO thankful. I am currently halfway through the challenge and am down several pounds already. When I first got my meal plan and macros my initial thought was, “Yeah ok this is a joke. I will be starving. All. The. Time.” To my surprise, I have not been starving and am seeing results on the scale, my body, and my energy levels. Who knew that it is possible to leave work and not feel totally exhausted?

So in conclusion, since honesty is the best policy, and I imagine I’m not the only one that struggles with fitting working out and solid nutrition into my daily routine, I thought I’d just put it out there and own up to the fact that I am now a hypocritical macro-counter. I’ll also keep it honest and say that I do not foresee myself keeping up with counting macros in the long-run. It has been a great way to bring awareness to appropriate portion size and the contents of my meals and I will definitely carry those lessons with me post-30 day challenge.

Let me know what you’re a hypocrite about, if you’ve also fallen victim to added weight due to school, work, kids, or any number of reasons, and/or what you like to do to stay healthy!

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