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Two Cents

This is where you can find the meat of Haley Meets World. This is where I’ll be documenting my trials, tribulations, successes, questions, general confusion, awkward encounters, absolute face plants, and offering my two cents (get it?!) on this “adulthood” thing that’s been thrust upon all of us.


We’re young, early in our careers, maybe a little short on cash, and definitely short on time since adulthood requires juggling 500 things at once. This is where I’ll give my honest opinion on products I’ve used that I think are worth the time and money OR a total pile of hot garbage. Please note: I do not benefit from promoting any products, as I am a nobody and none of these companies care about me or my opinion. Just one clueless adult knowledge sharing with other clueless adults.


Remember when I said I don’t know how to travel the world cheaply? Well… still true. I have no idea, but occasionally I save enough money to go on a quick trip with friends or I *drum roll please* go on vacation with my parents. Yep just me and the good ol’ parentals. Let’s not pretend like we’re in middle school again and having parents is so uncool. We all enjoy a family vacation from time to time (but not too often or for too long, right?). Anyway, this is where you can check out the cities I’ve visited, hits, misses, and general feedback because no body wants to waste rent (or drinking) money on underwhelming vacation destinations. Don’t worry, you won’t find copious amounts of food pics and insta-worthy photos here. Think more along the lines of a child set loose with a disposable camera…


I’ve already said I don’t know much about cooking but let me tell you, I can follow a recipe like it’s my job. So, I’ll post some good ones that I’ve tried, none of which are original by the way, but all of which are easy. I’ll even post the fails so you can laugh and smirk (it’s ok I know I’m no Suzy Homemaker).  I may even talk about the best restaurants and happy hour deals around town because let’s be honest, I’m much more familiar with those. Or I’ll talk about how I ate an entire bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos while binge watching true crime documentaries because that’s way more indicative of how I spend my free time in “adult land”.


This is probably the most basic I’ll be. You know, aside from having a freakin’ blog. Though, this is a certified anti-blog. Just a regular person living life and documenting it. Think of it like an internet version of The Office. Anyway, this is where I’ll post quotes and inspirational crap that we all like to make fun of but actually really like to see and read, because we’ve all felt certain ways at different times and it’s nice to know that other people have felt just as low, high, happy, sad, excited, confused, and stressed as we have.

Tarzan & Terk

I’m a tad nuts about my cats. And I’ll gladly admit it. Go ahead and cue crazy cat lady jokes. When you get tired of reading my BS come here and hang out with Terk and Tarzan. I’ll have fun videos, photos, and plenty of stories to go around because those two boys keep me busy. And make me crazy. Yep they definitely do that.

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